The first 3 months of employment are not only about the company assessing whether the new hire will work out and fit in but are also about the new hire assessing whether they even want to be there and perform at their best for the company.

Onboarding. New Hire Orientation. Induction programme: Whatever you want to call it, this is a critical tool that can enable an organisation to perform at its best. It's a tool that can be used to inspire and engage. One that keeps attracting and retaining top talent. And it doesn't have to be hard work or resource intensive.

The only ingredient you need to achieve this is a powerful message about your brand and values as an employer. One that creates impact. Opportunity. Passion. Excitement in employees.

I like to look at it as an opportunity for a company to create that distinctive and memorable experience for a new hire that makes them think "I am so excited to be part of this!" Or " I made such a good choice joining this company!"

When people see that you are excited about your company and it's value and purpose, they get excited too. When people see that you care about who you are as an employer and about those that work for you, they get excited too. When people see that you have a vision and purpose for why you do what you do, they want to be part of it. How many of your new hires do you think feel that way in the first week they join?

Many companies who are in fast growth mode and are so busy managing day to day Business As Usual activities don't give this very important tool the attention it needs and as a result may actually end up losing the new hires, which, ironically they have spent time, money and resources on finding. This is one of the top pain points for companies in fast growth mode and one they should be looking to prioritise on their Human Capital Agenda.