It recently became part of HR360’s mission to share our experiences and the knowledge gleaned from these, to build a community who are as passionate about changing how organisations build, grow, recruit and retain their employees. The past 2 months have taken us on a journey, all the way from women’s role in tech to preparing for a multigenerational workforce to the role of leadership in creating an equality-driven culture. It’s safe to say our exploration of diversity has only scratched the surface and so, what better way to continue this dialogue than at the Growing Inclusive Leadership in Tech conference, Oct 2017.

We are excited to be part of a movement that is moving away from what is familiar and comfortable to drive technology and innovation and support those looking to do the same. We want to build a future where people can understand how their biases are affecting their workforce, to engage people on these topics, and to provide solutions to close this opportunity gap we keep creating. Here are a few of the highlights we are looking forward to, from leaders who are inspiring us to commit to this change:

1. Talk by Guy Armitage, Ceo of Zealous, an organization dedicated to removing barriers separating you from matching your creative talent with opportunities.                   

2. Workshop by Rachael Hanley-Browne - Head of Leadership Consulting, Harvey Nash, a staffing and recruiting firm that enables clients to create world-class leadership teams.                                                  

3. Talk by Joysy John, Digital Consultant, and Entrepreneur. With over a decade of experience in technology, Joysy's mission is to inspire, especially women and those from low-income backgrounds, to achieve their potential.

From our personal experiences to our background and environmental conditions - the reality is, we all have biases. If you, like us, want to educate people to rise above their prejudices to create workplaces where creativity can thrive, then we can’t wait to meet you there! 

Follow our journey for the next 6 months of conferences, as we explore topics relevant today - from Human Resources, to leadership to talent – we’ve got you covered!

The Growing Inclusive Leadership in Tech conference will take place 2nd October- 6th October 2017.