We must raise both the ceiling and the floor – Sheryl Sandburg

October was a month of reflection and deep focus on the technology trends and opportunities that are taking place all around us. As advocates of diversity and inclusion, we continued our quest to explore and understand the barriers and successes of female entrepreneurs by attending the Future is #FemTech event - a wonderful initiative that sought to turn an uncomfortable topic of conversation (female wearables) into a platform for opportunity.

Paving the way forward

It was an evening of education and exploration that left us with full hearts and open minds about what the future holds – both for Femtech as an industry and females as future change makers in the wearable technology sector. With a room, full of women (and a few bold men) of varying walks of life, skills, stages of careers and lifestyles, one thing became apparent; while our differences make us unique, it is our similarities that bring us together. With this in mind, it is up to us to drive gender-equality forward so that more women can become decision-makers, realise their ambitions and advocate female leadership without societal pressures holding us back.

Making their mark

Fem Tech is an emerging industry offering major opportunities and growth potential. The term refers to all female related technology that deals with women’s health from a digital point of view, including but not limited to, fertility solutions, pregnancy care, sexual well-being and reproductive system health care. This is a movement that sees us transitioning from what is typically male-dominated and comfortable, to technology and innovation that are being pioneered by strong, forward-thinking women.

Below are the leaders from last week’s event who are inspiring us to be bolder in our ambitions and combat the factors perpetuating not only lower aspirations for women, but the healthcare system in general.

·     Tania Boler, Co-Founder and CEO of Elvie

·     Stephanie Alys, Co-Founder of MysteryVibe

·     Rosie Goode, Founder of Hypnobirthing Works

·     Graham Rittener, Founding Partner of Zinc

The future is bright. Follow the future is #FemTech for more updates about how women are disrupting the tech sector.