With the advent of AI, there is a tremendous amount of tension between technology and the role of humans in the workplace. Will AI replace my role? Will I be able to develop my skills to keep up with the pace of technology? Will my job provide me with training in a highly competitive climate?  For traditionalists, the fear of unemployment is real; for baby boomers, technology creates discomfort and threatens real-time conversation; for Gen X and Millennials, technology is already embraced and habitual. Although each generation approaches technology, differently, one thing remains constant: Technology is causing us to lose sight of our humanity. 

Business as usual

We say we are in the business of people but all we have been doing up to now is trying to keep up with HR processes. From payroll, to administration to recruiting – human resources still prefer tried-and-tested transactional methods that focus on ironing out inefficiencies rather than honing in on human capabilities. With the right tools and proper implementation, automation can enable your organisation to improve productivity and business outcomes by:

  • Creating a more reliable, equality-driven hiring process
  • Automating recruitment workflow and insight into candidate placements
  • Reducing the laborious and time-consuming tasks of HR

Putting the Human back in HR

As enterprises adopt intelligent automation across their operations, the opportunity to explore human ingenuity and reimagine the roles of both technology and people becomes infinite. This is because AI has an enormous impact on how people spend their time, providing greater scope for HR professionals, employees, business-owners and managers to indulge in creative pursuits, build lasting relationships with stakeholders, make informed and accurate decisions, enhance the organisation’s culture and tap into the joy of innovating with teams. Used correctly, technology gives us the chance to go back to the qualities the make us profoundly human, where humour reigns, warmth is shared and deep wisdom is cherished. Humanity in itself, is a door opener, providing the basis for lasting relationships, increased loyalty and exceptional business opportunities. While it's safe to say automation is inevitable, our redundancy doesn’t have to be.

Are you embracing AI to improve and enhance the quality of your employee experience?