We love Robin Sharma’s outlook on life. The combination of practical tips combined with his quest towards mastering the gifts we were born with, has inspired us to think hard about our pursuit of greatness and how we plan to take stock of our purpose in 2018.

As the year progresses, we get so stuck in business a usual that our goals fade until they resemble faint notions of plans and possibilities once held way back in January.  We lose momentum and in doing so, we lose sight of our vision for the future. This is because like any habit we form, resolutions are abstract until they have been practiced - after all, it’s a lot easier to plan than it is “to do”. And so, this year, we are doing away with grand gestures and bold statements. Gone are the short-term gratifications that don’t set us up for a successful future and the promises we beat ourselves up over for not keeping. Like any lifestyle change, approaching the new year requires patience, dedication - and a consistent effort towards the doing. 

To all those leaders out there who are looking for an inspiring way to start the new year with their teams, here are 4 tips that we are working on everyday, to master our craft and stay true to our personal mission.

1) Consistency beats willpower

Consistency is all about building small and empowering habits that you work on every day, that keep you focused on your top priorities and goals. Whether work-related or personal - developing routine comes down to your ability to hold yourself accountable for the choices you make - without excuses and complaints. All responsibility lies solely in your hands, so why not empower yourself to take charge of your destiny?

2. Start small

How do you eat an elephant? When we are overwhelmed by large amounts of data, we need to break down this information into bite-size portions that are easier to digest. This gives us better perspective of the situation at hand, allowing us to make more informed and rational decisions. Whether its goal-setting, problem-solving or idea-generating, starting small is the key to seeing the bigger picture.

3. Keep passion at the forefront of your thoughts (and actions)

Energy comes from being truly excited but it’s hard to keep up the excitement when life gets in the way. That’s why we suggest integrating excitement into your life that transcends the office environment. Surround yourself with passionate company. They say you are who you associate yourself with, so start with people who make you feel the most alive, who bring out the best in you and push you to become better. Friends, family, co-workers, clients, strangers - the people that help shape your life can come from the most unexpected of places.           

4. Don’t limit yourself - keep learning.

 If knowledge is power then the most powerful people are those who are constantly learning and lessons come in all shapes and forms. From books to podcasts, documentaries, conversations, meditations, music - keep learning to keep growing.

What does your journey of greatness look like?